About Us

Stewardship at Cold Springs…

Cold Springs Retreat Center came out of a small dream for a property in California on which to grow food and be closer to nature. In 2015, this property was purchased in a state of disrepair and a two-year renovation process ensued. The landscape was rehabilitated, the two existing homes received major updates and refurbishing, and the Yurt, deck, hot tub, tent platforms, story/gathering circle, orchard and gardens were all created and built. 

The vision was to create a natural and serene environment for groups intending to do the challenging work of deepening self-awareness and introspection, human connection and understanding. Cold Springs property consists of six acres of pristine rolling hills, which lie away from traffic and city lights, has been a bucolic canvas on which to meld human needs with sustainable practices for the Earth. Natural and sustainable materials and technology have been utilized whenever possible. To that end, you will find the following amenities on the property:

 Solar panels

 Outdoor composting toilet

 ‘Humanure’ compost created by separating the waste from the composting toilet

 Reclaimed wood in the outhouse construction (composting toilet)

Teak hot tub treated with bromide and ozone

 High efficiency wood-burning fireplaces in the Yurt & the Casa

 Permaculture practices in the gardens, including chemical-free weed control, drought resistant plants, & erosion-protective planting

 Indoor decorations made of natural materials

 Natural hand and body soaps, bug spray

 100% Cotton and natural fiber sheets and towels

 Eco-friendly cleaning products used and available

 Recycled or sustainably produced paper products

 Natural essential oils, incense & palo santo

We hope you enjoy every moment of the natural beauty on the surrounding land. Your  conservation efforts are integral to keeping this property healthy, sustainable and ecological. We strive to minimize odors and allergens inside, for the comfort and enjoyment of all guests.